Shenzhen Xinruitai Precision Technology Co. LTD is a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture, and sales of CNC tools. The company has introduced internationally mature advanced technology production system facilities, CNC grinding machines, and automatic testers. Tool products are widely used in the precision machining of mobile phones, digital electronics, automobiles, aviation, animation, and other product accessories. At the same time, we provide customers with customized non-standard tool solutions. Our products and services can ensure that customers can improve the crucial production efficiency and stability in their own fields.
The company has been committed to innovation for many years, with technology as the core, and customer demand as the market orientation. Customers grow and prosper together. When we manufacture our products, we always keep our social and environmental responsibilities in mind. Ecology and economy as a whole guide our actions and become the most loyal supplier of CNC tools.

Shenzhen Xinruitai Precision Technology Co. LTD
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